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fiber glass sub box


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March 2, 2002
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97 mountaineer 5.0
Am lookig to build a sub box to fit in the passenger rear 1/4 panel. What i need to know what formula i need to use to figure out how big to build the box. The sub am going to use is a jl 10w6. So if any one has the infor or has build a box out of glass please help me out!

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Length x Width x Height (for multiple Lengths, Widths, and Heights just use the average of each) will give you the enclosure volume. Make sure to compensate for the material to get the internal volume of the box. The JL 10W6s I have had have been used in a .625 to .85 box and they sound great in both. The rear cargo net area will hold one perfectly. Good luck.

Thanks for your advice!

(Length x Width x Height)/1728 will give you the exact enclosure volume. Just remember for a 1 cubic foot box, 12"X12"x12"=1728

and just so you know, the more curves the better. flat panels of fiberglass are very weak. if you have to make a flat area, reinforce it with MDF. :)