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Fiberglass hoods?

Anyone know where I can get a fiberglass or carbon fiber hood CHEAP? I want something that does not look stock. Reason being a soccer mom in an SUV was doing 3 moving violations when she clipped my front end. Insurance is paying for a junkyard replacement, and I would have to kick in the balance, but I need it NOW as the Body shop will start painting in mid January.

I know PUR PONY has been working on one, but not ready yet. I heard Saleen had one, but I have not seen it on

Just a sidebar: this will be the THIRD hood on my truck THIS YEAR! 3 accidents, all 3 the other drivers were cited. Plus, the 6 weeks at the dealer getting a new tranny. It has been on the road less than 8 months in 2002!

There are no fiberglass hoods made for an Explorer. You won't find a Saleen one because Saleen no longer makes them and they are extremely rare. And even if there were some around, they wouldn't be cheap. Not what you wanted to hear but reality is an ugly thing! :D

fiber hood

i dont about a 95 but i have a found a 92 fiber hood. I seen one and now im lookin to buy one if i find out where ill let u know. But they do have them