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Fiberglassing TV Sunvisors

Update: We had a Typhoon here in Okinawa hit us and I was restricted to the barracks and my project is at work. I could not leave from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. I did not get a chance to do much. I cut a little off with the Dremel tool I bought. I will be trying to perfect the fiberglass this next weekend and maybe bondo a little. We'll see. Quick question though. The fiberglass is trimmed away from the center edges now and I am curious when I sand smooth to the edge of where the tv will be inserted, should I fill up to the edge with 4058 duramix to the fiberglass? Or will bondo stick to the plastic? I was told Bondo won't stick to plastic. The only reason I got the fiberglass to stick is because I sanded the plastic really rough first. I was thinking duramix will stick and adhere to the plastic and I can make it contour and adhere to the edge of the fiberglass and then sand smooth and add bondo as needed. Is this correct?

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Anyone please?

Bondo will stick to most plastics. My XM install is pure JB weld and Bondo. Fiberglass sticks to plastic, but its hold depends on the type of resin. You'll need an epoxy resin- Polyester resin will come loose.

i'd be using rage gold if you can find it at all rather than the bondo brand.

you'll want ot scuff the outer coat of the plastic off before you apply the bondo- and if you are doing a seam between two plastic pieces i like to "crosshatch" into the plastic across the seam with a dremel cut off wheel. that way you get really good adhesion.

I'm assuming you've seen that i glassed my visors a couple of years ago. I have my screen in the overhead console and on screens in the visors though. wish i'd have seen this sooner- probably could have made it a bit easier for you.

Man, I thought I would be one of the first to glass the visors with matching paint to the truck and tv's 3d out of the visor. I did scuff up the plastic before I even did the glass work, so no worries about that. I am using some knock off Japanese bondo over here. They won't ship the real stuff over here and I cannot find rage gold or bondo over here. You cannot mail by air with that stuff. Soo, I will update on some pictures today of the last of the fiberglass and then next weekend I will do body filler on it.

Expo. My dealer for the x.. components says they won't be ready now until two months. He says he has two sets of the RE comps though. Should I get the RE comps or just wait?

jbl gti?

I like em a lot anyways- and i've had the top of the line sets around here recently (like in the last month) from diamond, dls, focal, and jl.

Ok. I will buy two sets of JBL GTI components. Can you get started on the Kick Panels now?

pm sent-

I hope those arent too heavy for the hinge that holds the visor.

Nah. They should be fine. The hinge on mine is very strong. Besides. I will permanently leave them hanging down and not folded up because the screen comes out three dimensional and it would not fold all the way up anyways.

hmm- yeah, they only get strong once the get "up" to a certain point too.

Only drawback i see- is that you might want to be able to fold them when parked so stuff doesn't tempt theives...

Well. I have a top of the line viper and if anyone decides to tamper with the truck windows or touch it or tow it.....The alarm will go off. And the pager will page me and there I will be with a 12ga. with OOO Buckshot or a slug in the chamber. Besides. I don't ever park it anywhere. I drive it and leave it where I can see it. I won't go to clubs or downtown and park somewhere like everyone else would and leave it just sitting there. I have too much money in this thing.

Just a little update. I am unfortunately held at the mercy of a battery operated dremel tool for my sander :) Here is some pics of the visors with one sanded and ready for bondo and the other one soon to be sanded. Bondo will come this weekend. Hard to find time over here to work on these.




Ok. I have sanded both of the visors now and applied bondo to the front of the visors. It is dry but I have to go somewhere. I will bondo the back and sand tomorrow. Then bondo some more and sand. If needed that is. So here you go.







Well, it is official. I give up on the sunvisors. I think I will just put some stock visors back into the truck until I can afford for the professionals to put tv's in them. I have come a long way since the last photos of them. But they are not equal. One tv sits like three inches further on the visor than the other one does. And with them fiberglasses as they are.....You cannot move the mounting plate with the screw holes in it to screw it to the ceiling. So job wasted.

Keep sandin em down decent, spray a coat of rattle can on em n ebay em! :)

i did the same thing to my visors on my first gen just without tv's. i found the added weight caused the visor to flip down on its own which got pretty annoying.

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