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fill the wheel well?

i was wondering what would fill in the wheel wells better. i heard of people putting 31s on stock suspension but i dont think i am willing to go that big i will soon have some black rock crawlers wheels stock size and want some suggestions on tires.

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Well you have 29" stock.. and you don't want 31"... hmmm :D :D I'm gonna have to say 30x9.50s!

are 235 75 r15 s 29"

so will 30x9.50s fit the stock tires

i meant to say wheels and would it rub anything

Yeah. 30s will fit with no problems at all.

30s fit no problem.....but they don't fill the wheel well. In real life they are just a hair bigger than the original 235/75s. Go for the 31s, Don't make the mistake I did!:D Take a look at my site if you want to see 30s

thanks for all the suggestions i will decide later on when money comes avaliable