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Finally doing my exhaust right


March 25, 2003
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Stratham, NH
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2018 Explorer XLT
Well, I had a custom catback done on my explorer about 3 years ago. The guy overcharged me and did a crappy job. It was supposed to be a Flowmaster 40 single in/single out with a mandrel bent 2.25" tailpipe out the back. Ended up he did a crappy job bending the pipe and some of the bends go down to around 1.75" diameter. His welds on the pipe itself are rusting really bad as well and are starting o rust through. I was also not to excited over the Flow 40 as it was not quite loud enough for me. As some of you may know, I had an IMCO Extreme put on my ex-fiance's 96 with a custom mandrel bent 2.25" pipe and it was awesome. So I will be doing the IMCO Extreme on my 94. For my tailpipe I have just ordered a Dynomax mandrel bent 2.25" tailpipe. I have also improved on my welding skills since I got the first job done, so I will be welding this one up myself and coating all welds with a high temp paint to prevent rust. Just ordered my parts today, so it will be a few days before I start tearing into this.

EDIT: video clips of IMCO Extreme on my truck are on the top of the second page of this thread.

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i might be interested in that flowmaster, so pm when you cut it off and get some pics

will do

Part number 7426 Single 2.5" in/out

Well today I was feeling the need to spend some time with my truck. I went out and took the sawzall to the tailpipe so for right now my exhaust ends right after my flow 40. Turns out my exhaust guys really were not listening to me as I thought. Measure the outer diameter of the tailpipe they did up for me and it measured at 2". This was after I told them I wanted a 2.25" pipe. My new tailpipe will be here shortly I hope and will be 2.25". I am gonna head out and pick up some 2.5" pipe and high temp paint in preperation. Gonna run the 2.5" pipe from the cat to the muffler. Received an email saying that my IMCO will be shipped tomorrow. Getting excited over here... :D

Well, by the tracking numbers, the pipe and muffler should get here tomorrow. Depending on what time our beloved UPS guy shows up and if both show up at the same time, I may install tomorrow.

Also upon further investigation, I got the part number off my flowmaster that is still welded up to the truck. p/n 942441:

Delta 40, not what I asked for. I asked him to install an original 40 with a 2.25" tailpipe and he gave me a delta 40 with a 2" tailpipe. Jerks, didn't listen to a word I said obviously.

I will try to get sound clips up of my many stages.

Get er about 95% done. My exhaust setup right now is manifolds->stock y-pipe->front cat->2.5" pipe->IMCO Extreme

And yes, I did remove the second cat. So don't start in on me cause I won't listen to it. I still have the front cat on.

Got my tailpipe in, just need a small adapter to connect the tailpipe to the muffler, so right now its dumped at the muffler.

She sounds soooooo badass, can't wait to get her all connected. Will take pics and maybe a sound clip depending on how much time I have tomorrow.

Did you finish it up? Any chance on a sound clip?

All buttoned up and let me tell you, it is loud but sounds so badass. I haven't gotten any pics or clips due to work and my mom had an operation yesterday so I haven't had time yet to get 'em. I will try to get them tomorrow, if not I should have no prob posting em up on Monday since I don't have work.

Got some pics. Will try to get a sound clip up if I can find my mic around here somewhere.


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Snocross, Did you do this yourself? Want to do mine, but can't weld. Can this be done without welding?

Sure can. Just need the right size exhaust adapters and some clamps and possibly a length of exhaust pipe depending on how you do your setup.

I want to try to get some sound clips up, but I am having technology issues in regards to this. Will keep everyone posted if I can get some clips.

Oh and yes I did this 100% myself

Put a chrome tip on the end, it will go nicely with the chrome part above it. I got one at autozone for 10 bucks.

snocross1985 said:
Oh and yes I did this 100% myself

Excuse me..........what about that sticky rubber stuff to stop it from ratling?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :fire:..........

Fool, i don't know you, don't sass me like that! :D

He creeps out of the woodwork to seek credit for his idea. Yes, I used a little rubber with some adhesive on it to keep the hanger from rattling on the frame. You can see it in one of the pics where you can see the rear hanger. Thanks, Arin, for the idea.

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