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finally figured it out


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December 13, 2007
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Harrisburg, pa
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2003 mountaineer premier
sense i have started driving (5 years ago) i never kept a car for more the six months max. the list starts in order first to current
93 delsol hit 11.4 in the 1/4 mile
83 s10 reg. cab. short bed, slammed with 2001 camero 350, mini tub, 6 speed
1996 civic 2door with b20 t3/t4 setup
2002 f350 crew cab 8 foot bed ,black, manual, 8 inch stacks, 5 shooter, 6 inch superlift lift and 35s
2003 evo 8 minor mods cams exhaust intake hard intercooler piping, tune other bs
evo 9 mr almost every bolt on for it at the time
2003 bmw m3 dinan: exhaust, reflash, intake, bilstein suspension, carbonfiber rear defuser, carbonfiber front lip etc.
and now mercury mountaineer which i have owned the longest(2007) i think im addicted to this thing cus you cant open a mag. and just order whatever you want. you actually have to work to modify our 3rd gens. im thinking this is a keeper when i get done with it. the mountaineer is by far my favorite vehicle i have owned yeah the evos and m3 were fun and a head turners but nothing like the look when ppl see the mountaineer and say wtf i have never seen one lifted it looks mean. you really get respect for all age groups young older anything.

i just wanna say thanks to roadbully(getting us up in the air), jcuz(chopping his fender up for that snorkel) and everyone else that has chopped into a stock 3rd gen on a wim that it could work. winches lifts snorkels superchargers i never thought a few years ago id be hookin up a explorer/mountaineer

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Welcome to EF bro. so what engine is it? what r ur plans for it? ^_^

(Glad your done with the fart cars btw that list had way too much rice IMO lmao)

Not that easy....

First I have to say :ttiwwp:

And, you have to go back further... Bigapple got us lifted long ago ;)

haha well sense i got on here i rb is the only one i saw making a lift so. i wish i had a pic i know my buddy ian has a few pics of my cars/truck.if i can dig some pics up ill def. post them.

as for plans once i get home so far roadbully spacers 3 front 2.5 rearor 2.75 rear i gotta have my brother give me a measurement, kenne bell 2.1 supercharger( already ordered just about everything), got a set of 20 inch kmc KM701 wheels with 33x12.5-20 nitto mud grapplers mounted on them that should be arriving at my house monday, its going back to the body shop to have saleen thru the body exhaust tips installed then getting the dual exhaust modified to run through the tips, safari rack basket with tire carrier, and if i get to it a rear locker. then we will see what happens to the mountaineer next.

the white mountaineer will get lowered, my old 20s, chrome accents, small system to fit behind the 3rd row probably 3 of the flat jl audio subs, dual exhaust, intake, tune, tint.

haha i never owned a rice car all looked basically stock besides the s10 and the mountaineer is the slowest vehicle i have owned so far but ill change that hopefully soon. all my car ran about 13.5 or better. the M3 was the fastest 1/4 mile i owned im sure the s10 woulda been faster if it hooked up.

you had an M3 Dinan and let it go???? You are a better man than I.

haha i know that whole 2 liter joke. my delsol had a 2 liter and still put out just under 490 to the wheels(wasnt a fun daily driver) and my civic had the same motor same setup different cams. the red evo 8 had right around 440 whp and could break all 4 loose till the seals in the turbo started to go then i traded it in. the evo 9 mr was right around 480 on 93 that was hellish fast thats one thing i miss. you know you can buy the dinan parts and bolt them on to a base m3 you can pick up a base m3(no navi or sunroof) for under 17grand now with around 40-50thousand miles. just most are smg id rather the 6 speed personally. when i got mine it was $36000 with 12000miles so. if you want one for about 8 grand u can do a full dinan conversion or even better do the forcefed turbo kit which is 15000 that puts i think 500 to the wheels. hell mine was fast enough. and horrible in the snow

the m3 imo the sexiest car made








the evo mr




wing i know a little ricey


it looked so mean

me and my MR

haha yeah the dodge in the backround was my work truck what a pos never touch a dodge again.( i didnt own the dodge haha)

the m3 is straight sexy, why did you get rid of it?

having rwd in the winter sucks let alone having rwd with it being about 2.5 inches off the ground. plus the 800 dollar car payment with the horrible gas milage. there are alot of reasons but im really kicking myself in the butt for getting rid of it. i wish i kept the evo cuz it went through everything but if i could have i woulda bought the mountaineer and kept the M3

well being deployed i dont pay for food laundry(i get payed for ppl doin my laundry$7 a day) plus not using my gas and everyday expenses. i really save alot of cash so im basically using what i would everyday in normal life for my truck. it just means im not blowing my money on video games, tvs, junk food and other stuff i have my laptop and thats it to keep me from being board.

if you really wanna set off your ex then why dont you start peicing a turbo kit together and do a low boost setup? over time just grab the parts you need then when you get everything you will be more then happy. also id add a stall speed converter onto your list. it would really help you at the track.