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Finally got around to the Rear bumper!


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February 20, 2003
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Hillsboro, OR
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Hillsboro, Oregon
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96 5.0 XLT
My friend and I finally finished (about 90% anyhow) the rear bumper for the X. We did it in stages, so it took about 4 days of work total spread out over a month :confused: and about $110 (including paint which isnt on yet). Anyhow here is a picture of the whole bumper and one of the hinge.



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Looks really nice! Good job man. :thumbsup: :cool:


looks killer, good job

looks really good hopefully someday i can make a bumper like that

bumper looks great man... what size tubbing did you use?

Thanks all!!

The main tubes were like 1 3/4 schedule 40 pipe. The Tire mount was 3/4 Pipe.

Looks great. How is the high-lift fastened on? It looks like its bolted. I assume you have some sort of quick disconnect or something.

I am not sure how thick, what ever schedule 40 pipes thickness is.

As for the hi lift, currently bolted. Just needed it mounted outside the truck for the road trip this weekend. No room inside once my wife, kids, 2 dogs and I are in, for a jack lol. Later on, going to work on changing that. For now, just keep the wrenches with me, in case of a flat on the road.

For the trip I understand the bolts now. If you go off-road and have a flat, you will want it off faster. :D

I know this is a dumb question, but are you sure its 1 3/4" sch 40 pipe? My afco book does not show that size. I show 1 1/2" to be .145 wall and the 2" to be .154

I do show tubing to be 1 3/4" OD. from 20 GA to 5/8" wall thickness.

Looks good.

But don't you think your hi lift is sitting kinda low and could snag on something? Could you mount the license up inside the tire (thats what I did) and move the hi lift up a little? Just a thought. Also you may want to angle the top of the hi lift up instead of out.

well... he probably measured OD, I'm somewhat sure Sched 40 is Inner Diameter, since its measured for internal volume/load as pipe, haven't bought any lately, so it could/should be 1 1/2" which would be around the same thing....


I saw this last night, and BTW, besides the Hi Lift jack being too low in the roady position, its sweet, congrats

That makes sense. Pipe is measured ID and tube it OD. You are probably right about it being 1 1/2" sch 40 pipe. I never thought about him measuring OD for the pipe.

yeah I was thinking, how could he measure ID with caps on the ends of the pipe... hehe..

what kind of bender used???