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Finally got wheel spacers

55mm Front and 75mm rears, been running them for 6 months and the truck is better than ever, no signs of wearing bearings or anything and stabilty has increased 200%

Have a look, she needs a wash tho'

Oh while I'm here can anyone tell me the bhp figures for the standard 6cyc 4.0l Explorer XLT




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Ohv 160 Hp, 225 Tq
Sohc 205 Hp, 250 Tq

nice rims. thats the only explorer that i like that ive seen on that size rim

Do you plan on lowering it?


[QUOTE='97 V8]nice rims. thats the only explorer that i like that ive seen on that size rim[/QUOTE]

Thanks ;)

Guess it's down to personal preference, but where I live is quite flat so no offroading to do...street is the only way to go so it had to be 22"s

The rims themselves are actually almost the same colour as the wheel arch flares right down to metallic look, but when the sun hits them they look like black chrome....but they ain't chrome.....

i love that color, sorta like gun metal right?

[QUOTE='97 V8]i love that color, sorta like gun metal right?[/QUOTE]

That's it exactly......As far as lowering goes, it'snot really the thing in the UK, plus we have the traffic calming speed bumps in the road to deal with.....and I kind like drifting straight over them now.....with the extra height and width I hardly notice I think I'm gonna keep it stock height...