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finally installed my 8.8 IRS(3rd gen) dif cover

Xzibit A

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November 22, 2004
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02 xlt 4.6
like the title says i replaced the bent axle and installed a modified 3rd gen rear diff cover, basically i cut the mounting tabs off did a lil grinding and than media blasted it and threw some paint on it after the install


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haha, nice, real nice.

What's the point, though? Because it has a drain plug? I like taking the cover off to get all the crap out. But it is a nice install. I'm glad you took the mounting tabs off - those things are ugly


EDIT: I like how you painted it AFTER it was installed haha :thumbsup:

i installed it cause i like how it looks , the drain comes in handy so there is less chance of making a mess but i dont really care about it, i painted it before too but then that paint takes like 4 hours to dry so i had finger prints on it and the bolts looked stupid so i painted it again, itll just get dirty anyway

Dont take any crap from these guys, I also replaced my diff cover EXACTLY LIKE YOU DID, I also used stainless bolts. The oem cover is a rusting P.O.S. I also did a extra leaf on my rear springs ,a posi carrier, 17" wheels ,an aftermarket rear anti-sway bar, KYB shocks,and an aftermarket Dynomax superturbo exhaust syatem. My truck has seen better performance at every step. This cover although does nothing for performace ,looks sweet from the butt, since my truck sits about 3 inches higher. Anyway I dont hear anyone busting on the people buying those $200. SVO covers???

Next upgrades, 1.7 roller rockers and a 1" phenolic spacer.

1.7 rollers on a 91?

the Gen III cover looks alot stronger then the Gen II. Where did you get it and how much was it?

Kinda cool idea since the bolt pattern is the same huh. (I did not realize it was). The aluminum cover would get rid of more heat from fluid.

Yes... ExplorerDMB is running one... Check out Diff cover thread. One thing to notice in post #32 is that the metal ring used to secure the polycarbonit cover is actually in 2 parts (a left and right that joins under the upper and lower bolts)

410Fortune said:
1.7 rollers on a 91?

the Gen III cover looks alot stronger then the Gen II. Where did you get it and how much was it?
i got it from the dealer for free, cause i sed to work there and i may or may not be able to get another one, if anyone wants one i can try to get one

dude get me one, I'll be ready for wheelin here soon. Trailmaster 4'', perrys glass and 35'' x-terrains on the way

looks good but silver isn't my style. I just got a Warn rear protector for mine.


tenikiwon said:
Has anyone seen the clear diff covers?

Yeah, on my rear differential. It is a very cool product. Trans Dapt makes it and it's very strong. Highly recommened from my end


It would have been nice if you cleaned up the rear first :rolleyes: