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FINALLY!!! New Tires, Rotors and Springs.

I am somewhat confused by the herculiner reference... All i can find online is a roll-on paint made for the bed of a pick-up truck. It has grit in it for grip etc.

Is that what you are talking about? Rolling that on my side panels?

yea well they make it that way and they make it applicable with just a brush... im not saying ive experimented with the stickiness of it to plastic, but yes thats what im talking about... it goes on very thick with metal and i figure that its harder to stick to metal than plastic anyway... and since the herculiner is a very thick rubber with chips in it, it would be flexible too... i guess its just a shot in the dark with the idea but it seems feasible

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i have the same color. lookin good man.

My last Explorer had two-tone paint. I planned to repaint the bottom portion with Herculiner, but never got around to it and eventually sold it. There are a few trucks floating around here that are Herculined on the exterior. You'll just have to run a forum search for them. Also, run a forum search with the keywords "Herculiner" and "Hootus", lol.

Well after your suggestions and talking to a couple truck guys... I ordered a Herculiner kit.

I guess the main key is to absolutely sand/scuff my plastics like crazy in order to apply the Herculiner properly. This should be a pretty cool look and I am excited to get going on the project.

Hopefully the kit arrives in the next few days

Another day... another project.

Installed some Tow Hooks off a 98 F-150. Hit them with some CLR and a wire brush to get off most of the rust. I used 2 coats of Tremclad anti-rust primer... and then hit them with a few coats off the stuff I used to paint my calipers!

Grabber Green is popping up all over my vehicle and I am loving it!!! Sorry for the dark photos... Ill get some better ones another day.



Grabber Green is popping up all over my vehicle and I am loving it!!! Sorry for the dark photos... Ill get some better ones another day.

From one :ca: to another :ca: ...I think they look great... its cool to have a theme like the grabber green accents :thumbsup:

I was thinking about painting mine silver to make them stand out hooks on a black Explorer are not that visible.

the hooks came out awesome! that color stands out and it aint a bad thing either. Good Job

Well guys... I enjoyed these forums for several years.

I just sold my 2003 Explorer, and picked up a 2009 Lincoln Navigator.

Loved the EX though... sad to see the changes Ford has made to the Explorer over the years. Just another bubble crossover on the road today.