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FINALLY ordered 20s!!

Well after forever of deciding what to get, I finally ordered my 20s with tires today. I got the new 20" kmc thunders with the goodyear 275/45/20 tires. Should be here 1-2 weeks. After i get it all setup i'll get some pictures on here. Thanks to everyone for your help!!!

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What make are they? How much did they set you back?

they are kmc thunders. I got wheels, tires shipped to me brand new for $2300. Check out they have the best prices i;ve ever seen

Slick :0) ya beat me to it!

Ill be ordering mine this week- im just finalizing a few things haha.

Ive pretty much set my mind on the Mondera B-52's

But im tossin around these

Those might not be available w/ the right backspacing tho in the 5x4.5 bolt battern.

You found a great price!
I was also tossing around the GY gt2's or the Toyos like u were.. While the Toyos are mor expensive-
I made a friend in the wheel business so im getting the Mondera B52's w/ Toyos for 1800$ <- quite excited about the price.!

Well enough of me- i cant wait to see your pics- i really like the thunders- and they should look awesome on a X sport

Is it just me or does the site not tell you the load rating or offset of the wheels. How do you know if they fit your X?

because u can use search features on some sites that sort the wheels by yer bolt pattern. Then from that you know which models that u like, fit your X.
From there you can start to price shop.
Also alot of manuf. websites list the bolt battern and sometimes the backspacing.
Backspacing isnt as much of an issue w/ 20in wheels.
As long as you get a wheel made for RWD or 4wd truck/suv- you are pretty much assured it will fit fine.

Anabolic, those rims are tight! I also checked out those foose, but they were like $1000 more than the kmcs. Post pics when u get em!

Hey Slick, do you run 93 octane for your Superchip or regular?

I run on 91, its the highest they got out here by me in AZ

Originally posted by Explorerinma
Hey Slick, do you run 93 octane for your Superchip or regular?

most GOOD chips require 91 or better octane