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Finally, pics of my X!


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October 15, 2009
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Durban, South Africa...
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1993 explorer XLT
Hi here are some pics of my 1993 xlt, numberplates have changed since then and a lot of hard work and hard earned cash, replaced a lot of parts waited for parts (have to order from the U.S) and alot of help from you guys but she is finally roadworthy and licenced!!! thanks for all h=the help and great threads!!!:thumbsup: let me know what you think ;)
(the red ex in the pic is my good friends, he has helped me more than anyone with my baby)











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Welcome to the board! It's always great when foreign people check in!

You've been able to stay clear of those rouge groups that hunt after the Boers right? ;)

Clean!! It's nice to see rust free first generations. Waiting on parts is not fun, but worth it in the end. That's a nice Explorer you have.

hahahahahahah yea avoid the taxi drivers and your'e fine!!!!(not Afrikaans either!!!) thanks, still have alot of work to do on her but i am proud to own an explorer!!!

Nice clean looking ride- congratulations.

thanks, I only use her on weekends and fishing trips, would love to use her as a DD but work too far away and fuel is not cheap here!!! Must say though that even though I have fixed and replaced so many part on her she has not once since I bought her (over a year now) ever broken down or even got stuck yet!!! (mainly go on the beach to launch the jet-ski for fishing but have put her in some decent mud too!)

real nice ride

Nice Ex you got there. Are you running a suspension lift or body lift on it? If so what size?

Very nice Ex. I love that pushguard you have on the front.

I can dig it. Very clean

is this the ex with the third row i saw somewhere else?

hey, thanks guys! It's is a suspension lift (3/4" not sure) was lifted when i bought it, definately no 3rd row seat in mine, the bullbar also came on the truck:D but i have a feeling it was made for a toyota landcruiser (also square front end) and then modified, I am taking her on a fishing trip to Zululand this weekend, will post some more pics when i get back (hopefully on the beach!)

I like my truck like i like my girlfriend, pretty as hell but always willing to get a little dirty!!!!!! hahahahaha

Very good looking ride! I like yours better than the red one :D

Definitely get us more pics:thumbsup: I love seeing Explorers across the world

HA ha, thanks!!!:) I will post up some pics of her on the beach tomorrow, just back from an awesome boys weekend up the zululand coast, caught tuna, dorado (you guys call them dolphin i think) and couta (king mackerel) and lots o beer!!! pity i had to leave my ex at home but it's tar road all the way to the campsite and my brother had his 4x4 there already:mad: So no explorer on the beach this weekend but have pics from launching the jetski at the beach cottage...

dorado (you guys call them dolphin i think)

Dolphin-fish.... lol big difference between them and dolphin. Some people know them better in the US as Mahi-mahi, since that is what they call them in Hawaii. But yeah.... dolphins are a different thing entirely. No worries, I know how a language barrier can be. Just figured I would clear that up before some environmentalist tries to hunt you down.... they already hate us enough for our explorers :D.

Looking forward to the pics though.

nice looking truck and even nicer looking landscape!!!

Ha ha dolphin-fish (makes sense now), i have added some more pics of my ex, some of her on the beach at my beach cottage and some of us camping, also added some of our fishing pics for good measure (sorry about the quality of some of the pics - cell phone)







Here is my brothers jetski

My brother and I with some "Dorries" (dolphin-FISH;)) I am on the right





Hope you like the pics, I really love living in Africa:D

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