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Finally pulled the trigger

Has anything been done on this?

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Has anything been done on this?

I can't wait either, it is pretty much all that I think about.

Small update:

The truck should be going in to the shop sometime before Monday of next week and should be under surgery for about 2 weeks. Then it will go to the tire shop for new meats and then to 4wheelparts for gears and I might go with a Detroit locker and get rid of the e locker. The wait is going to suck but it will be worth it in the end.

I just got my wheels today, I wasn't going to get them yet but the tire I want is not out yet so I figured I would just mount my duratracs to these for a while. Tomorrow the powder coater is going to come pick up the rings from me at work and I am getting the rings powdered somewhat of a lime green with blue flake. Since the gauges are green I will be going with the green theme on this one.



Making progress, mounted the wheels and rings and went with the black letter out on the Duratracs. Still waiting for the Deavers to be done and then it is off to Btf fab.

Green with blue flake. The camera did not pick it up the best but you can kind of see them.

This is going to be one unique trac

Thank you everyone. This is coming along a little slower than expected but it is starting to come together. The truck should be going in to the shop on Monday are my hopes but I am not positive because he has a lot going on right now. Here are some pics of the rear shocks- (2.5x16 king reservoir)

let me know what the valving is in those shocks if they do any good. planning to do a simple cage set up over the summer.

I got this picture a while ago but forgot to post it-

Good progress bud! Where in SoCal are you located? I'm in long beach an maybe when you truck is done we can take it to Gorman for some light testing and action shots/vids of your ST. What glass are you going with up front? Are you doing 3" glass?

Thank you. I'm in Lake Elsinore. I will be out at Gorman quite a bit this summer because I have a gold membership for 6flags so I go and stay in a hotel and go to Gorman and 6flags at least once a month. I will be going out on the 24th-25th of this month but I don't know if the truck will be ready. I want to go with fenders from Mcneil, I believe, that get rid of the cladding, but that will be later down the line when I get custom bumpers and bigger tires. Hopefully we can get together some time.

Went to the Truck and Jeep Fest in Ontario yesterday and made some unplanned buys. I got the new high capacity ball milled g2 diff cover and One rigid a series green accessory lights. I plan on buying 2 more and putting them on the bedcage as dust lights. Most people use amber but I am trying to stick with green on this build with out going over the top.

I like McNeil because the the opening is perfect for 33's. I imagine you're getting the 3" bulge? Might I ask why you didn't go with a LT kit instead? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with your choice I'm just wondering.

Last time I went to that show I bought a hi lift jack and a G2 diff cover as well, and it was also unplanned! Haha

Oh man, those UCAs look downright beastly! I've been wanting a set for both Explorers so bad, but the $1300 price tag means I have to wait :(

I'm not sure on the fender size because eventually I am going to go full lt with it. I was going to go with long travel to start with but there would have been no money left to do the rear. It is my daily driver so I don't plan on beating on it too much until I buy another car next year, so the mid travel should be good enough for now. I want to buy a little cheap gas saver and make this a desert only truck. My fiancé and I are thinking of a Toyota 2jz or Nissan sr20 motor swap in the future, with a big turbo of course.

Just dropped off the truck today, took a few pictures before we left.


This things gonna be cool :popcorn:

Sweet! I bet you can't sleep just thinking how cool your ST will be!

Lol yeah I can not wait to drive it. Just got some pic updates-



Hoping to get her back soon


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Visited my truck today, she is coming along nice-