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find the Lift size from drop brackets? HELP!


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January 27, 2004
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90 BII 4.0 Conversion
Ok so i picked up a lift kit from what manufacturer i havent got the slightest clue....I got the coil springs, drop brackets, dropped pitman arm and the full length extended radius arms for 13 bucks! sad part is my coil springs are so stiff it doesnt flex worth ****....sits at 18 and extended is 21 ..... i got my eyes on the EB coil springs from wild horses and gonna get a pair loaned to me for fitment and tryout but i have no clue whether i got a 4, 5.5 or 6 inch lift? any ways on how to tell how big from the drop brackets or coil springs? i dont have the stock mounts or coils anymore either

i dont want to buy shocks for the front twice and well it would be nice to know what my lift is in the first place

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we would need a picture of it to tell

Could measure the drop bracket that mounts the driverside axle beam from the frame to the pivot bolt and post that (a 6" lift bracket is about 12¼").

Coils that sit at 18" are extremely tall. Gonna guess it's an 8" Skyjacker lift if so (way too tall of a lift for these trucks IMO).

shabaam here ya guys go....definitly not rancho or skyjacker
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sweet thanks alot man it was driving me crazy that i couldnt find out what manufacturer it was. Was hoping it was a 5.5 or a 6 but im not going to complain about a 4 inch and all with what i had gotten for the price i paid! kudos to you