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finding correct idle air control valve for my 1995 x 4.0 v6


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October 17, 2020
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Sky valley, ca
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1997 ford explorer xlt v8
Ordered from ebay and got the wrong style plug. checked rockauto and it shows a couple of different iac's but 95TF-9F715-BB look most like mine. Anybody know where I can find one for my vehicle between $30-35 usd?






Screenshot 2021-01-02 14.15.37.png

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LOL ! I went through the same headache a few months ago.... your OEM part number IS ON UNIT....hard to see...lightly take some steel wool to and or magnifying glass to the side edges to see part number were it mounts to's there...
It's probably part number:
95TF9F715BA or 95TF9F715AA <That's what mine was on my 95 4.0 I think the AA versus the BA denotes if it was assembled here is US versus Mexico ...mines a US manufactured one. (They both have larger plugs --for 95's ...and I think 96's as well)
On actual part it will have dashes: 95TF -9F7 15-AA It will come up on searches with and / or without dashes depending on sites.
My AA part number cross referenced a few was an AC Delco (which I got...a little GM on my Ford) with part number 217-1850.
Here's a whole list of various manufacturer part numbers that supercede / cross reference from my OEM Ford (AA) number: AC78 84956 CX-1845 73-4825 150-238 217-1488 2H1382 217-1850 73-4778 28946 8472 CV10132 217-1480 AC474, ZZM220660 F5TZ9F715A F5TZ9F715AA ZZM220660A 95TF9F715AA


Here's my comparison pic of initial "compatible" replacement that was sent to me....look familiar?


Why not buy the new style one and swap over the harness plug

I already bought a new one off eBay. picture attached. so just buying the new plug would work?


Yep that's it just swap in the new connector
Make sure you do one wire at a time so you don't mix them up

I'm not a mechanical engineer, but I know the later 90's second gens had a 2-piece intake plenum, and then there's OUR California smog setups, and the US versus Mexico manufactured ones use different fuel pumps for the SAME years... point being there could be some nuances for our California smog / USA model 95's that don't jive with later years and or variations --PCM ?... Could your "fits all second gens"! Ebay one work fine... quite possibly......but........
I pondered doing the same thing / putting adaptive plug/ harness but opted to do exact match instead for aforementioned reasons / possibilities.

I am all in now. I ordered the connector earlier today. it's my project not my daily.