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Finially got decent pics...

Well I finially got a lot of stuff done over thanksgiving break. Finially got rims, as seen on Tommy98016's Saleen and expo5.0's ex. Also tail covers made by expo5.0. Tinted the tail lights, painted the calipers and anti-sway bars, and painted the tail light covers.

Mods shown:

18" Saleen rims w/ Yokohama AVS S/T tires

Explorer Express anti-sway bars.

Painted calipers

Custom tail covers w/ tinted tails.

Clear corners.


-Should I remove the pinstripe?

-Should I paint front+rear bumpres & the side moldings white?

-Should I remove the side moldings?
(maybe some photoshop gurus could gimme examples?)

Here are pics of what a 1995 stock limited explorer looks like, minus the white tail wing (I think I'm going to get one of those though :p )

Please excuse the fact that they were taken at night... tonight was the first time I had access to a good digital camera since I put everything on.

Over xmas break I plan on dropping it 1-2" pending successful tweaking of the Air Ride Control system.;) ;)


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pics are coming, please dont post =)



I love the rims:D Lookin good

Here are pics of my tails before the covers went on.



Here are my pics: (god I've waited a long time to be able to post pics of a decently modded ex :D ).


















Forgot some..



I just noticed the tailights:D Awesome:D

With the wider tires and less sidewall flex, cornering has greatly improved. Dont notice any bumpier of a ride due to the smaller sidewalls though.

I've had the explorer express anti-sway bars on for a year or so (they are night and day compared w/ the stock ones) - but one thing that surprised me was when I had my rear end on stands to paint the calipers. I lowered my left rear tire off the stand (stands were on axle, close to wheels) and the right side was still on a stand about 15" up - maybe 5-6" off the ground at bottom of the tire. The left tire didn't touch the ground!!!! It still had about 1" of space. Now if that isn't a strong bar, I dont know what is. Also talk about lack of flex =P

I'm going to keep the mudflaps... There is noticable damage to the front of the running boards (behind the front tires) from crap hitting it... the mudflaps make the damage harder to see, and also prevent more damage for happening. Not to mention the fact that they keep a crapload of dirt/mud etc off the explorer.

Anyone think they would look good painted white? (photo gurus... maybe you could help me on that one too?)

I'll post a vid

those tires looks VERY bad***

also can i suggest something ?? i would spray paint the tip of your exhaust with soem black spray paint... since your truck looks so clean and everything the tips jsut kinda draws away from it.


Contrary to looks - it is a V-Force exhaust (exact same as flowmaster 40). When I first got the exhaust, I sprayed it w/ the high temp silver spray paint.. it still rusted through. I dont know what else to put on it. I didn't think the tubing was suppose to rust? I guess the guy used crappy tubing.

I think I'm going to paint my whole underbody over xmas break.

i would jsut cut a little bit of the tubing off where y ucant see it....
jstu what i would do

also i got the strobes at discount autoparts... or you could get them at Autozone


I'm hoping to find a mechanic who can install the 2nd pipe from the muffler (single in, dual out). First guy said there were clearence problems, but I think it is possible to make it work.

looks great, but those mudflaps are killlin me

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what makes the mudflaps so bad?