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Finished false floor/covered box.......


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March 13, 2001
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Central PA
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2001 F350 7.3
Just as the title says, oh this is a budget install.... all on my summer job as I am in college.....


box covered in gray vinyl, false floor in MDF with 1/4" plexi window, gray carpeting and black steel mesh at back. (behind mesh are 2 lightning audio cooling fans)


I needed an eq pretty bad so I got a ma audio mpe 100: 7 volt rca out, With 5 band eq......


oh yeah the new amps are hk1997 ma audio 1200 watt sub amps....

just kinda checkin in, and all I need to do is hide the wiring and fix a couple things.....
more on my sounddomain page, more pics coming.....

------anybody's input is cool-----, total cost of materials for false floor was only around $40, and the box came in around $70

(feels better when you do it yerself!!)

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Originally posted by davesexplorer
feels better when you do it yerself!!

Cheaper too!!!

Very nice job man. Might need bigger pictures though- I want to see details. ;)

Looks great. Now time to work on that false floor. Get a thin piece of wood, raise it up with some other pieces of wood in the corners and run the wire under it. Get it? Well looks great...

I'm thinkin i'll just use the stock carpet with some wood and just raise it up a bit to hide the wiring and look better, like what you said woody... still a work in progress.... but the box turned out really good IMO, but now I wish I built a bigger and ported box, sooo instead of 147db's, more like 150's... oh well....

awesome job man looks great

that looks great. i really like that false floor with the plexiglass. what are you gonna do when you have to carry something though?

Envy, envy envy

As a complete techno-tard, I am green with envy.

That looks pretty dang tight for DIY. Congratulations.

I have to pay through the nose.

(I'm so bad around the house my GF refers to me as the "Anti-Bob Villa.")

Anyway, I'm going to go practice with some legos.


Awww! It looks like mine!
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Nice work though... Looks really good! :cool: