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September 30, 2003
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Grand Junction, Colorado
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2000 Explorer XLT
Should be putting this in tomorrow. Anything to look out for?

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If your 4.0 is equipped an air temp sensor, you might use a step drill bit to drill that hole in the intake tube. I believe the hole is 11/16". Everything else is cake.

No air temp sensor on mine. Man, that Air Filter is huge. Will have pics, but I have a point and shoot camera, so it will be awhile when there up.

UtahX said:
No air temp sensor on mine. Man, that Air Filter is huge...

Yeah, there's been some confusion in the forum as to how big the ID of the neck opening is... 6".

Definitely 6". Saw the one a friend had in his 99 Sport, was a K&N Filter, but the intake tube was from e-bay, was chrome, nice looking, but the air filter was much smaller than mine, I would say my filter is twice as big. He only paid about $100 though, I'm glad I have the one I got.

V8powerbaby said:
*sigh* why can't they make one for my 5.0.....

I disagree. K&N products tend to be overpriced and their filters come with way too much oil on them, right out of the box, IMHO. Filters with 3.5" ID like all the other kits are far more plentiful. I've used the stock filter from an Volant kit, two different K&N offerings, one filter from Green and finally settled on the very nice oil-less filters from Amsoil. The K&N kit with that very strange filter size leaves your options VERY limited.

I used a Volant kit from my old SOHC equipped Sport and modded it to fit my '99 Eddie Bauer with 5.0. I like it much better than anything K&N could throw at me.




MAC makes a very nice setup for the 5.0 that uses a filter with a 3.5" ID. You can score one for a LOT CHEAPER, click here than K&N (that's a SHIPPED price) and it provides the same performance. Looks nicer too, IMHO.

They're actually not rubber but silicone. Made for turbo applications etc. Overkill I know, but I did it for cosmetics. Get them here.

V8powerbaby said:
Hey Celly u have the product id fot that filter or a place to get one from? thanks

Amsoil's site. I have the EaAU3560. Looks like they've updated their application guide to include a LOT more filters including those monsters for the K&N kits.

Yup, looks like Amsoil has one for my kit. Should be getting one of these shortly, probably will put it on in a year or so, depending how the K&N looks like.

Does a bigger air filter mean anything in performance?

I'll take that back, still a little too big.

I just checked the Amsoil site for air filters. The my K&N FIPK setup came with their RF-1048 filter which has a 6" ID opening, a 6" length and 4.5" diameter at the top of the cone. The closest Amsoil product (EaAU6065) has a 6" opening, a 6.5" length and a 5" top. Amsoil says this is a replacement for the K&N RF-1042 filter. I'm currently running an AEM Dryflow part number, 21-209ED-HK, which has the 6" opening, a 6" length and a 5" top. The AEM is tight but it fits. The Amsoil might fit but I still okay with my AEM. Amsoil is gettin' closer.