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Fire & Ice tailgate LED bar

I finally got around to installing my LED tailgate light bar this weekend. I bought it, believe it or not, 2.5 years ago. At the time, I didn't have quite the wiring experience I have now, and the task of installing it was a little daunting. I ran out of summer and put it in my basement and forgot about it until last weekend. I was at my parents house, saw it, and decided to finally put it in.

Here's the product:

It lights up with your tails, gets brighter when you step on your brakes, signals with your turn signals, and lights up white when you throw it in reverse - which not only looks cool, but is a huge help visually because my reverse lights don't light up crap anymore.

Installation wasn't too bad. The small holes that lead into the taillight with the removable rubber grommets really helped, and allowed me to complete the project without drilling. I had to tap into both signal lights, reverse light, brake and tail. I grounded to one of the screws that holds my taillight guard on. The bar is currently mounted on the plastic right between the bottom of the tailgate and above the bumper with double sided tape. When it get the height and location perfect (I think it's a little low) I will likely screw/bolt it in place.

All in all, not a bad project, was easily able to get it done in an afternoon with only a basic wiring kit and a moderate level of experience with wiring. For $70 shipped, it's a great deal too, IMO.

Here's a video of the finished product at night:


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That really cool, I like! Your video also helps show how much faster LED lights illuminate compared to incandescent bulbs. Makes a good case for LED brake lights at the least :)

Looks great! I really like it man :thumbsup:

Nice job. :thumbsup:

I would like that but don't think I have anywhere to mount it. You have lit the candle on this again. I'll have to look tomorrow, but I think that the only place I have to mount it (3rd Gen) is on the liftgate and that would involve crazy routing of the wires. That's way I haven't done it.

My first reaction: coool.

My second reaction when the reverse lights lit up: :biggthump SIIIICK!

Looks like your hard work paid off. Very nicely done!

Nice work, I put one on my frontier, but I bought one of the cheap ones from Amazon, so the ends weren't 100% water tight and it is full of fog and some rust now. I just plugged mine into the trailer harness that I bought so there was no wiring except tapping into the reverse lights. Looks great though, I remember thinking about doing that when I had my explorer.

Thanks all. I'm pretty happy with it.

Dan, you bring up a good point - this is supposed to be plug-and-play - just plug it into your trailer harness. I don't have one though, so I had to hard-wire everything.

Look Good!

Wow, Looks good. Nice safety feature too. definitely can you you at night. I like it.:thumbsup: