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First accident, my fault


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December 3, 1999
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Penobscot, Maine
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'92 XLT
I'm bummin' now because I had my first accident today. Had my license for 4.5 years, thought I was going pretty good, and this one was completely retarded too. At a stop sign pulling off campus, second car in line. A line of traffic goes by, car in front of me pulls out, I pull out following him, double check traffic to the left at the same time, BOOM, guy stopped for no reason almost in the road now but I (and the 3 other people in my car) were still looking to the left. It was a newer Saab hatchback with foreign plates, had been shipped over from Sweden. Two minutes later fire trucks and ambulances show up, apparently someone had called it in as a serious accident even though it was a 5 or 10 MPH collision. So we sent them all away, waited for police. Police want us to move vehicles, upon inspection my frame mounted tow hook has hooked is bumper, we can't move. My friend runs to get his hi-lift jack. We cut this guys bumper out from around my tow hook and are on our way in about 30 minutes. My James Duff bumper completely wiped out the guys rear hatch taking on no damage itself. Insurance will cover the other guy, I'm out a cheap Wal-Mart fog light. So yeah...slightly bummin, but no one got hurt and my Explorer's fine....thank God for SUVs.

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My step-dad is my insurance salesman, he'll probably be nice.

you were luckier than i was, and i wasn't even in my X.

my girlfriends mom backed into it with her car. Messed my exploders whole world up....well not really just the bumper, fender, and peice above the bumper.... *sigh*

Man sorry to hear about that. At least your vehicle was pretty much unharmed. That other person must be mad as heck though.

That's almost happened to me numerous times. Now I just sit and wait until they are 100% gone. Then I look and go. Luckaly I've been able to slam on the brakes in time.

I had a similar one once. There were 2 stoplights about 1/8th block apart. We got the green for the first and the second one turns green about 2 seconds later. We start going and as we approach the second light the guy hears a siren from an ambulance that is 1/2 mile away and locks up the brakes. We actually were able to clear out of the intersection before the ambulance came and pulled into a parking lot on the corner. The first words out of the guy's mouth were , "Boy you really wrenched my neck in that one." Someone had called the cops but the guy didn't see the squad and I wasn't going to point it out to him so no tickets for me. So we just individually do the police report thing and go on our way. Next thing I know the guy is sueing for lost wages and the damages on the car. A few photos later of him going in and out of work over the next week took care of that problem. As for the vehicles he bought my tow truck a brand new bumper. It was ruled that he had made an unschedualed stop and the accident was his fault. Double wammy, gotta love it.

I've always heard that if you run into someone from behind its your fault....never heard of an unscheduled stop....thats why I got a following too closely ticket.

Originally posted by Byrd91
I've always heard that if you run into someone from behind its your fault....never heard of an unscheduled stop....thats why I got a following too closely ticket.

Common sense comes into play with that sometimes. Like if you are driving down a freeway in the slow lane doing 55, and there is someone on the side waiting to get back on. Say they jump right in front of you doing 10mph and you cream them it is not your fault. They would get tagged for failure to yield or something like that.

Yeah that would make perfect sense, I've never heard of an unscheduled stop though, I wish Maine had those...