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First brake job, big problem.

Thanks for your help Don. Since Ford wanted to charge me over $2k for what I have done I guess I shouldnt skimp and do a good job.

It all started when I noticed my rear shackles were almost completely rusted thru. I thought I would take it to them cause I figured they could do it. After having my truck all day they said they would have to send it to a spring shop. They tried to charge me over $200 for that visit when they did absolutely nothing. They had ordered the shackles and bolts and put them in my truck trying to get me to buy them. They said they would finish the job on my next visit, for over $2k, also stating the e-brake may be on top of that. I doubt they ever looked at my brakes, although I asked them to. I said I'm only paying $20 for the brake inspection and left an angry man. That gave me the incentive to do it myself. Another quote was $1400 for only the brakes.

So far I think I have spent around $1200, that includes $400 in tools I can keep and taking the truck to a spring shop to install my aftermarket shackles (while I waited).

Ever since I moved here I havent found a mechanic I can trust. Thanks heaven for this forum!