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first car (1991 explorer)

January 1, 2012
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1991 ford explorer EB
i thought that i would show you guys my explorer, what ive done and what im planning on doing. its a 1991 EB

i bought it for 800 dollars and it has 170000 on it. everything is running fine and so far i have put plugs wires oil change four tires. i bought a new pionner deck and new 6x9 and 6" for the doors, i might put the 6x9s in the back gate? just an idea. the rocker panels are rusty so i just went out and bought two rockerpanels and dog legs for 240$. i want to get some aftermarket headlites and maybe exhaust. not bad but will be hard to weld them on in the winter. when i get these things in i will update more. but so far it has been a good first car for me and i plan on slowly making it better and better. feel free to say anything, advice or just past expiernces will help me greatly since i am working on this paycheck to paycheck, but its what i like to do.