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First gen Brush Guard


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February 5, 2018
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'94 Explorer XLT 4dr 4x4
I've been looking for one. I cannot find one. Anybody got any suggestions?

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Dang. Anywhere online any of tall know of that sells it? Can I get one for the bronco or ranger and it will still work?

Junkyard is your best bet.

Okay. Thats my next step. Thanks.

You may also want to look around Craigslist and see if anyone is selling truck with one on it. Then reach out to them and see if they would just sell that.

I contacted a guy this way and bought the entire grill assembly, front and rear lights for my Navajo. And he shipped it to me from across the country. Note this guy was selling this as a running truck originally.

You never know till you ask

I’ve got an older edition of the Westin on mine (Westin 40-93835 Grille Guard Steel Powdercoated Black Direct Fit, Sold Individually). It’s 20 years in and still going strong. It’s only weakness is not being winch compatible. At some point, I’ll probably bite the bullet and weld up a separate winch bracket.

The Westin one is the type I'm looking for, since I've got one of those Warn winches on a mount that plugs into a receiver (my van has front and rear receivers, soon my "new" green X will as well). That's why I didn't buy the Warn combo guard/winch mount that Brian1 had.

Good idea Stic-o about asking people selling X's with brushguards if they will just sell the guard, thanks!

Where are you located at i have one off of a first gen just sitting.