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First gen diamond cut headlights + roof rack and more!

I'm in the process of trying to sell my '94 Explorer and have some goodies off it.

I have a set of diamond cut headlights in excellent condition. I have HID bulbs for them but never used them and will be included. SOLD

I have a Thule 400XT roof rack with 50" bars and the fit kit for 91-01 4 door Explorers. Its been used but still in good condition. $100 plus shipping. Worth well over $400 if the parts are purchased new.

Parts can be seen here:

I also have a set of flares from a 2000ish XLT Sport. It comes with the full kit; front fenders, rockers, rear door pieces and rear quarters. You'd need to purchase new clips to install. They are gray and in so-so shape. $50 plus shipping. Would rather pick up or meet though as the rockers are pretty long.

ECU for a '94 Auto Explorer SOLD

Taillight guards for a first/second gen. Sandblasted and professionally bedlined. $65+shipping

I'll go through the storage room and update with what else I find.
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Tail light Guards Staying on the Rig ? .

ill take the flares! im in Erie, PA

Are you willing to meet up? Frequent Pittsburgh at all?

Was just down there for Turkey day, i can get down that way if need be, also have a brother that lives in the Bridgeville area and works in Southpointe

List has been updated.

Post-Christmas bump. I know you guys got some cash from Santa!

Did you have an additional set of diamond lights or was it the ones pictured above?

I only had one set and they are sold.