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First gen dome light disable switch install (front)


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April 16, 2002
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93 4 dr 4x4 manual XL.
I always hated how the dome lights are always on in my first gen Explorer when a door is open.
I decided to track the wiring and install a switch to disable them when I want, like when camping and listening to the radio for instance.

First, Undo the philips screw at the lower part of your windo pillar cover:


  • interior light switch (2).JPG
    interior light switch (2).JPG
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Then you will nottice that the cover is also attached with two plastic doohickeys at the top. You can pull on the cover near them and get them to come out, just be aware that the plastic trim can crack, so take it easy.

Under the pillar on the driver's side is a wire with a connector. after I disconnected it I realized that it only runs to the forward dome light, it is possible that the rear one is run on the passenger side, but I decided to pull the light out of the rear dome and only switch the forward dome, it provides ample lighting for my needs.


  • interior light switch (3).JPG
    interior light switch (3).JPG
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Then it was just a matter of wiring in a switch into the single wire that runs to the light. Yes I said single wire, The light is grounded to the frame elsewhere and this is a positive wire you can tap into.

You could run the switch to wherever you want, I opted for putting it right into the pillar itself.

That`s it, now I can just leave those doors open and crank the tunes..


  • interior light switch (4).JPG
    interior light switch (4).JPG
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    interior light switch (5).JPG
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  • interior light switch.JPG
    interior light switch.JPG
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I always wondered where that wire was. I've killed the battery a few times working on the X all day with the doors open. And now that I think about it, I don't even remember seeing light in the cargo area.. I'm gonna have to look now.


Easier to tape the pin switch in the door jam. You can still turn the dome light on with the headlight switch.

Tape would never stick to our truck. Its constantly dirty/dusty etc.

I like the idea of a switch. I don't know about that big swich, but a switch non the less is a good idea.


Black gorilla tape sticks to anything. On my 94 it was on there 2 years + in FL hot & humid weather. Been on my 93 since I got it in Feb. It also stops the door chime.

Does it really look that big? Doesn't seem that big to me but maybe the picture of me holding it makes it look bigger.
Broke it in camping the past two days, nice spot for reaching in the dark while standing on the ground at the driver`s door.

Why does everything I have just written sound dirty somehow?

Easier to tape the pin switch in the door jam. You can still turn the dome light on with the headlight switch.
I would have to tape them at all four doors.
I would start out with good intentions but would inevitably walk way one day with the headlight switch on and kill my battery.
The switch allows for normal operation, until needed. The worst I can now do is forget to have the light come on again after I have it off. Nope, I like the switch, complete control.

Oh yeah, my door chime has always been screwed up, If I turn my key to accessory, then pull the key outwards till it stops, it kills the chime, otherwise I would have disabled it permanently a long time ago. Good point, I am sure it is easy to disable that, maybe get an even bigger switch and have it control both!