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First Gen rocker repair

I got bored this morning and cut this sore thumb off my truck, my passenger side back door (at the over lap, common area) hole had gotten big enough I was worried about getting cut up on it, so I though I'd show what I did. This was done with a cut-off wheel, a grinder, a mig welder and a hammer and channel-lock pliers, no prefab parts. I used 20 Gauge steel from the hardware store.

This is the cancer in question, some initial cutting to see where the steel started.


This is the metal cut off and the firt piece of steel welded in. I did this as several smaller pieces so I could hammer the edges, it took longer but since I don't have body work tools, like a shrinker spreader or a super accurate metal brake (I have one I made for making gas tanks, but they don't have to be perfect)

This is all the metal bent and welded and ground down, its not perfect yet, but its within a 1/16" everywhere, so its bondo ready. keep in mind, it didn't need to be perfect, just no sharp rusty edges to kill pants or cut up legs.
I think it was 4 seperate pieces of steel, this ups the amount of welding, but it makes it alot easier to get looking close!

I really only showed this so you other guys that don't wana spend money on rocker panels, I spent about $30 that includes bondo, dupont primer/sealer, and finish color (not applied since it started to rain) It isn't perfect, but for a truck I don't plan on entering into a show contest, its fine and its safer (keeps down on Tetanis!!)


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October 7, 2004
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Lookin excellent, can't wait to see it painted!