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First Road Trip in the '92 Jurassic Park Explorer

Hey folks,
I bought my Explorer back in July and since that time have converted it to a JP tour car. In those five months, I only drove the truck 500 miles with intention of keeping it well preserved, and as clean, as the prior owners.

For Christmas, I did decide to let the Explorer stretch its legs and go on a 600-mile round trip to see my parents in the Sierra Nevada near Yosemite. Not only was it chance for the Explorer to escape the dull neighborhood errands it mostly does, but it was also a chance to get to know the truck better.

I love this truck even more now! The 4.0 has just an easy way of going down the freeway. It's smooth and just lazily gets along at about 2200rpm at freeway speeds. Mountains and passes sometimes didn't even need a downshift. Compare that to every other car I've owned (all three and four cylinder cars), and Explorer is so much more relaxed on the highway. Visibility is unmatched by today's cars and the front seat was so comfortable. It's no wonder soccer moms of the 90's loved these so much. Just a fantastic truck

On the first tank I averaged 20mpg on mostly highway driving; better than expected. The second tank was a mixture of city, highway, and mountains; averaging an expected 15mpg; which is a big shock from my 40mpg Fit! Handling isn't the Explorer's strong suit either, but that's expected. Casually take it the mountain roads and it still was an enjoyable car.

And of course; the car gets lots of attention. People on the freeway slowed down alongside, snapping photos before zooming by, and starting a huge commotion in my parent's small town as to why this JP vehicle is in town.

Trying to blend in at the rest area

It's Christmas time!

Once we hit the mountains; snow!




Back on dry, not-as-slippery land






HAHA, it is! I didnt know you were here on the most awesome forum on the entire planet!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup: