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Fishing Pole Storage


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December 22, 2021
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Los Angeles, CA
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1998 XLT 4x4
So I enjoy fishing... and I thought why not find a way to carry one or two poles in the truck, as opposed to strapping it to the rack. As such, here was my final idea.

The only thing I needed was 4 cinch straps (link to a similar product VELCRO® Brand Straps - VELSTRAP® Cinch Strap Selection | FASTENation)
I popped the 2 back plastic push pins on the interior quarter panel and put the cinch straps in there, using the pins to hold it in. I did this on both sides.

I then velcro the rod to those two points and feed the front through the coat hook in the second row.

This works best with a lighter weight rod, such as those for trout or bass. If you have deep sea rods, this will probably not work as well.

The yellow line is where the pole would go.

I considered a bracket that would stick up, similar to a gun rack mounted in front of the side glass, but it would be too intrusive with passengers. To carry one or two poles daily, this keeps them out of the way from passengers and out of the elements.

My 6' pole fits really well and barely intrudes into the front if at all, so if you don't regularly carry more than 2 rods, I think this is a pretty decent solution considering the cost & ease.

Tacklebox can fit under the seats if you have a small one, or some essentials for an afternoon can be kept in the storage where the factory jack is.

Screen Shot 2024-05-05 at 3.48.23 PM.png

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That's cool. How about a pic with the rods in place?

That's cool. How about a pic with the rods in place?
my opportunity to show off a new rod reel combo dad got the other day at big 5 for i think it was $25 on sale... can never have too many ;)

over time, it might wear out a bit more at the coat hanger spot, but for the nice rods this is only to go to lake and back so i think its fine... and my daily carry rod is pretty old haha but it gets the job done! (so im not quite as worried about it) if you wanted you could replace the coat hanger with another one of the velcro straps.
Screen Shot 2024-05-05 at 7.46.32 PM.png

That’s a really solid idea that doesn’t cutting anything up. I dig it.

That’s a really solid idea that doesn’t cutting anything up. I dig it.
Yeah I was thinking I could do something better but considering the cost & no cut I figured I couldn't beat it. Sure I could make it stronger but not like these poles weigh a whole lot haha. But if I carry more than 2 then I just strap them to the rack