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Fix a Roll over


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July 6, 2007
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Eugene, Oregon
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1999 Eddie Bauer V8
Ok so these are fixable Get a front end collision X year doesnt matter a whole lot 91-2001 95-01 preferable though.

Take the seams apart @ the spot weld them back together. Most of the spot welds I have found line up almost exactly. Take cross measurements to make sure it is square. Tack weld and measure again fill in all the spot welds grind down do body work. feather and prime seal and paint.


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More fun

Ok so this was a 60 hour job


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Nice, see what a lot of people don't realize is if you put the work into it. Anything can be fixed.

Final fun and finish

Make them look Like new again.


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What about magnificiant?

This was a cost of $5200 dollars to repair not counting my labor the paint job cost me $3500 with the extra body work the body shop had to do. I got a white 97 X off Craig’s list for $1000 dollars front end collision. De gloved so to say and put its body on my 2000 V8 limited. The rest was misc parts. I used the Glass off the 1997 which I think looks better because it had a slight gold tint to it. Used the back hatch off of a 1998 sport I Trashed. I two toned the interior (headliner and oh poop handles) with the Dark Grey interior that was originally in the limited with the light grey in the 97. That was because the 1997 did not have a sunroof. I got new rims and tires I am not counting in the price tag. It had 17000 miles on it when it rolled. I just sold this X to my wife’s friend with 87000 miles on it. She loves it.

What about magnificiant?


And that repair job is awesome! Love to see seemingly dead vehicles brought back to life. :thumbsup:

Pic of the floor

Ok Here is a pic of the floor

Seam seal when done.


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THIS FRAME WAS NOT BENT BUT IT WAS MEASURED TO MAKE SURE. Right after the repair we drove it to Florida and back. Never had 1 problem mechanically. Although I didn't hook up the rear windshield wiper. That sucked. LOL I really love explorers. and have peiced many together. feel free to ask Questios.

Well if they look like this??????

Ok so they are not all fixable This one I had to bail on it went nose first down a cliff Kept sliding. As soon as I shut the door it was gone. I had to retrieve it in the Spring. I almost cried :(


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That is an AWESOME job you done to that :thumbsup:. Alotta money to put into it but turned out great.

Good work there, and does this look familiar? This is my 99 when it was stock, and after my repair using my old 93 Limited for the rear clip. I finished most of it a year ago. I still lack the air compressor, running boards and front flares. Regards,


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Very nice guys. That is definitely something to be proud of.

amazing what you did :eek: looks like it never happened!

It does look great, but actually he changed a lot, the running boards, fender flares, and door trim for sure. After doing it I should have also left off the fender flares and used my old 93 running boards. It's all good,

that looks great, I wish I had thats skill, but I gotta ask, for $5300 why not just buy another explorer instead of fix that one:scratch:

Wondering the same thing myself! LOL...does look great though...

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This was a cost of $5200 dollars to repair not counting my labor.... the paint job cost me $3500 ....craigslist for $1000 dollars front end

So you basically paid 5,200 for a more-or-less totaled and rebuilt 2nd gen explorer?

The work is top notch, no doubt but how do you justify spending that much?