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What is the best...or cheapest way to fix scratches on my X. Yesterday some A$$ put three 1-1/2" scratches on my passenger side door. How much would a body shop charge to fix it? Or is touch up paint the better answer?

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Get a full repaint of the door if the scratches are deep, otherwise they could maybe be buffed out. Scratch X from Meguiars can work temporarily if the scratch is shallow in the clearcoat.

Door repaint is about $300-450

You would be suprised how much you can buff out. Try that first before going to the bodyshop...

check with your insurance, you most likely are covered if you have full coverage.

Thanks guys, the scratches are not big enough to justify painting the whole door. The biggest one will not buff out. My insurance deductable would be more than the cost to fix it. I guess I will try to touch it up and wet sand it down with 1500-2000 grit sandpaper and try to buff to a shine. We'll see what happens.

You have to pay a deductible?? Our comprehensive is fully covered without a deductible. Vandalism like that is covered under comprehensive part of the policy.

If you can feel the scratch with your finger nail or down to the primer, then a repaint is inevitable. If you can barely feel it with your finger nail, then try some Maguiar's Scratch X or use an orbital polisher and some 3M SMR and you should be able to take some of the scratch out. Good luck!!