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Fixed my reverse parking sensor system

Hi Pontisteve.
Just curious, what model Nemisys scan tool did you buy? Thinking of buying a scan tool for my truck, unsure of what to buy...
Dave C.

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are people having good luck with the aftermarket sensors from ebay? or should I hold out for genuine ford ones?

are people having good luck with the aftermarket sensors from ebay? or should I hold out for genuine ford ones?

As far as OE, I've been getting them from wrecking yards for $6 each.

:thumbsup:Thanks, well written directions! Plan on getting this done in a couple of weeks.

Just wanted to say thanks to the OP for posting this; the instructions were exact for my wife's 04 Limited... think the sensor cost me $8 on eBay.

Got lucky with a nearby body shop that just happened to have one saved from a damaged or junkyard replacement cover and he gave it to me while changing out my wife's front bumper cover on her 2013 Accord. He had one in a part bin and I followed the posted procedure and sure enough in about an hour I have a working system. I found the bad one by listening as instructed and the one he had worked perfect.

Would someone be kind enough to advise where the control module is located and where the wiring is routed? I am getting the 'OFF' light when sticking it in to reverse and no beeping.

On my 2004 EX, the control module is located under the RR quarter trim panel. Wires are routed behind the rear bumper to the 4 sensors.

Thanks. Is there a common, quick and easy fix for a simple case of nothing happening when put in reverse? OFF button/light to the left of the steering wheel stays illuminated.

In my case it was 2 of the 4 sensors not working. Wheels blocked, engine off, ignition on with vehicle in reverse. I listened for the clicking noise from each sensor to determine which ones were not working. Bought the sensors from ebay. Ended up changing all of them since I had the bumper off. Follow the step by step write up. Good luck!

Thank you gsmaclean!

Replaced all 4 b/u sensors on my '02 XLT in about 1/2 hour. $29 total thanks to ebay seller swiftmot.

If memory serves, with the orig sensors, the slow beep would start immediately when you go into Reverse. The new sensors work better-- they start silent in Reverse, and start slower beeping when I get around 6-8 ft from my trailer hitch.

Just tried the fix 2 weeks ago after I used Forscan to check and saw that there were faults reported on 3 of the 4 sensors. I replaced all four sensors with ones from Ebay. At first everything was working fine, then it stopped detecting obstacles last week, and this week it beeps continually the moment I shift into reverse, even in an empty parking lot. Will try another scan this afternoon and see if anything is throwing codes.