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Fixed rear wheel bearing but not the problem


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March 14, 2013
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Central Wisconsin
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2004 Explorer
Changed the rear drivers side wheel bearing only to find it is the lower control arm bushing that is causing the play in the wheel. It need to be changed the noise level in the rear has quieted tremendously just need to get a new control arm? Salvage yard near by should have one or should I buy a new one?

I always buy new bushings. Something that is going to take time and money to replace (alignment?) I don't want something that has already been used and abused and have to replace it again. Just my opinion, but do it right the first time. And it never hurts to get parts with warranties.

It is the lower part of the knuckle that attaches to the lower control arm. I wasn't sure if there was a press in bushing that's why I thought a salvage one would be a good replacement. I will check into it because I do have a press available at work to press out and press the new back in. Thanks guys!