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FIXED (with pics) - Cruise Control problem


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July 17, 2008
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Jax, FL
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'00 Limited
After searching the forum for possible solutions to a cruise control problem I got to a thread that was talking about a throttle cable.

With disbelief (I always think things cannot be fixed that easy) I got under the hood looking for the cable and to check the vac lines as well as it was mentioned in another thread.

To my amazement after removing the engine plastic top cover I noticed that the cruise control cable was disconnected from the throttle lever (or whatever is called).

As a benefit to others since I could not find any pics on the forum showing the throttle cable I wanted to post before/after pics. The cruise is working fine now. :D

Now is on to troubleshhot the seat heaters and the rear wiper.

1. Cruise control cable loose

2. Cruise control cable in position

Blacksheep Josh

July 31, 2006
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Statesboro, GA
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'01 Ford Ranger, RIP 93 X
That's how it goes sometimes, just a quick doublecheck of everything can be a fix.. My friend had a BAS warning light on for a year on a 1995 Ford F-150. One day I was helping change his oil, I noticed a disconnected plug, adn right near it was an outlet. I plugged it in, ABS problem fixed

Congrats on finding the fix though, one less thing to worry about.