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Fixing a pretty deep scratch

Hey, I noticed this scratch on the hood of my explorer the other day. No idea where it came from. I have searched around for fixing scratches and in this case it looks like my options are either repainting the hood or using some touch up paint just to make it a little better. I realize that the touch up won't be perfect, but I do not want this to get worse.

The one thing I am wondering about is how I would actually go about applying the paint. Can anyone help/give pointers?

Here are some pictures of the scratch.


Here is the original picture of the close up shot.


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I'd bet with that one you could use some touch up paint to fill it in, then use some rubbing compound to buff it smooth and finish off with a good glazing compound and it will be in pretty good shape...

I'm sure when Monmix replies he'll give you a good explanation on how to fix it.

Wow that is deep.. The duplicolor will work to an certain degree but honestly its one of those repaint jobs. Its already thru the base coat & clear, it will start rusting eventually. I'd definately get this done before rust penetrates the rest of the hood.

Yeah, I defiantly am going to get that fixed soon. Especially since it is winter here and they like to use salt on the roads. Probably using something along the lines of the touch up sutff for now, and then maybe a repaint over the summer, although I'd rather not have to repaint the whole hood.
Thanks for the video!

Whats the worst thing that could happen by using the video method? You have to re paint the hood? You are looking at that anyway. If it is 90% or you are satisfied then you are ahead if not the paint pen and clear coat together are less than $10. By the way you are welcome for the video. I tried it on a scratch on a buddies truck bed cap and it worked well other than the paint being a shade of it was smooth and looked factory. Go luck with whatever you do.

professional fix.

Touch up will look OKAY at very best.