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Fixing Deep Scratch?

Hoping one of you body or paint guys can give me some advice here.

My truck got hit in a parking lot a while back, which scratched up the front-right corner of the bumper (don't have any pictures, but I can get them in a while). Don't have the cash to get it painted professionally right now and don't have the know-how to do it myself, but Iooking for a cheap fix if there is one.

Basically, there's only one visible scratch from a distance, and a lot of small clearcoat scratches. The large scratch appears to have gone all the way through to the plastic in parts. The odd thing is that there are at least 6 coats of paint on the bumper that the scratch (grey primer, two coats of black (one gloss coat), another coat of grey, then two coats of silver), and most of the scratch reveals that black coat, which makes it stand out... I got the X used, so is it normal to have those coats of black, or was this bumper replaced somewhere along the line, and just painted over?

Enough backstory... my real question is this: do the Dupli-color or similar paint pens work well enough to hide the scratch (basically, to where you won't notice unless you're looking for it or right at it)? And what would be the procedure for fixing the scratch using this method?

Thanks in advance.

with out question painted before.

Some after market paint source will get you pretty much in the ball park of what you are after.
Just fill the grooves with the touch up. Try to keep it off the finsihed surface.

Thanks Monmix, that's kinda what I thought about the paint.

I'll definately give the Dupli-color stuff a try one of these days. :biggthump: