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Fixing recirculation AC door


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April 30, 2001
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04 EB V8
My recirculation door doesn't seem to move when I put it on max AC.
I'm going to look at it this weekend. I see the vacuum motor is under the glove box by the door jam, & the door is in that area as well. Any advice on fixing it?
It's not the controls in the dash. I can direct air to the vents defrost & floor fine.

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I took out the vacuum motor for the air door. I can open & close the door fine with my hand. The vacuum line that was attached to it has no sucking coming out when I put the dash control to max AC. Does that mean there's a break in that line somewhere from the climate control head to the motor? All dash air controls work fine except the max ac door.
Could the vacuum motor be bad? I don't see it as a buy-able part anywhere. Might be a yard part if I need it.

You can test the vacuum motor by attaching a piece of tubing to it and sucking on the tubing. Stick your tongue over the end of the tube and see if the motor stays put or drifts. If it drifts, or if you can't pull a suction on it, it's bad. More likely is a break in the tubing somewhere.

I tested the motor that is fine, guess a break in the line. I may just force the door closed & leave it that way. I run my AC all most all year & never the heat.

I have a problem with this door too. I'll turn on the AC and it will be 'ok' until I go over a bump, and then there's a thump and the flow just about doubles out the vents.

Can you just summarize what you had to do to get to this vacuum motor and door?

Take the glove box door off. 1 screw on each side. The motor is to the right of that above the ECU. There's a metal rod that is attached from the motor to the white door linkage. You should be able to pull down on it & the door will close. The door itself I'm not sure how to get to. Maybe your linkage is busted?
The motor isn't a motor per say. It's a simple vacuum actuator. Apply vacuum to it & it sucks down the rubber stopper the metal rod is attached to & closes the door. Release vacuum & it raises the rod & opens it.

I was behind the dash & couldn't find anything wrong with the line. I put vacuum on the hose & it was blowing out from where it was plugged into on the control head. So IDK. I just tied down the door closed with a shoe lace. Good enough for me. I need my AC cold.

Bumping this.....I want to get this fixed as I have ran into an issue with tying the door closed. On long trips with the AC on it freezes up. Everything sounds like it's working but I get all most no air out of the vents. I'm starting to use the X a bit more for longer HW drives & have noticed it recently.
Does anyone have a routing diagram of the vacuum line that attaches to the door actuator? There is no air coming out of the line. It must be broken somewhere. It goes into a wire harness bundle that's all taped up & I rather not tear into a mess of wires if I can just find the route it takes.


This should help you
1991 heater vacuum diagram.jpg

This should help also 1st pic is the vacuum hose as it is leaving the reservoir & check valve
The second pic is the black plastic hose the vacuum line runs in through the fire wall . Hope this helps .

Will check , pretty sure i do . Will load it monday after work

I did...sold it....LOL

No really, never fixed it. Left the door open & lived with it.