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Fixing Valve Noise


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May 24, 2002
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Camarillo, CA
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1991 4-door 4X4 XLT
I am planning on fixing the valve issue with my 91 XLT 165,000 miles.

I plan to remove both heads and take them to a machine shop for a rebuild.

I want to know what else I should replace when I am in there.

Here is what I am planning on doing/replacing:

1. Lifters
2. rods
3. rebuild heads(I will ask shop to replace valves with new whether "needed or not" and rocker arms.
4. Get lower and upper intake maifolds tanked.
5. Water pump (never been changed)
6. Radiator (leaking at seam)
7. Cam chain (maybe, how can you tell if it is loose?)

I was also thinking of changing the camshaft, would that be wise? If I do the cam I am gonna go to comp cams and get one from them. They have one for the 4.0L that looks pretty good and is supposed to work with stock valvetrain items.

Is there anything else you would do?