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Flasher from Hypillauto REVIEW!!"


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October 5, 2003
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99 XL / 4x4 / 4.0 ohv
I have actually tested quite extensively with a GPS to figure my true speed after upgrading tires but not the speedo gear.

I went from stock 225/75's to 30x9.5's.

What I found was that saying I am a certain MPH off is not accurate. In reality it is a percentile rather than a Number.

With that change I was approximately 9 percent off. Meaning at 30 I was doing 32-33 At 70 I was really doing 77.

With a tuner or chip Wayne or Doug would be able to correct this for you if your PCM has the appropriate files in it for adjustment. Some do, Some don't. I assume there must be a certain model year when that became possible, but I do not know which.


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February 17, 2003
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1998 XLT V8 AWD
MPG review

Pheww... 8 posts deleted. Please don't make me do that again... There can't be anymore bashing between sponsors. If someone reviews your competitions product in a thread that is not the place to hock your product. You can make your case in another thread. Dyno numbers or not. There is nothing wrong with a seat of the pants review as long as the reader is informed that's all it is.

What the heck did I miss?? I am gone a few days and find that my thread has turned into a speedo calibration thread and Dreamr's thread turned into... well... I can only imagine.

MPG calculation

I underestimated my trip. I drove a total of 742 miles. I burned a total of 46.46 gallons of 87. That shows an average (some of this is city but not much) of 15.97 mpg. Note this is California piss gas.

Unfortunately, to the best of my memory I recall getting about mid 15's with these kind of trips. :( BUT THIS IS WITH CONSIDERABLEY LESS WEIGHT. While this is far from sientific, I dont think I gained as much overall as I had thought. BUT weight was a bit more and weather was uncontrollable (unknown head/cross/tail winds).

Here is my best scientific test:

My first trip was made in duplicate to another trip that I had made a month back (232 miles nonstop). I duplicated it to the "T", filling up at the same pump prior to the trip and even re-filling at the same pump at the destination then divide the miles by the number of gallons used to determine MPG. My first trip (stock programming) yielded 17.7 MPG. The second duplicated trip yielded 20 MPG or 19.901 to be exact. This is a gain of 2.2 MPG highway. I was pleased with this result.

I will continue testing for my commute and report back. I will also test the Performance program for MPG increase and see what happens there.

I did notice a performance gain with the Economy though. Even with the added weight the truck rarely downshifted but only on the steepest grades. :thumbsup:

I hope you all have a great Christmas!!!!!!!