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Flashing 4x4 lights


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January 14, 2002
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McCreary County,KY
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92 XLT 4.0/99 XLT 4.0
My 4x4 high and low flash a total of 6 times when runnning the SUV. I know that this is a warnning for the 4x4 to be serviced but i was woundering if anyone had any gen knowlege of what usualy goes out or wronge first. I was also woundering if the 6 times was a code of what the problem may be. Kinda like the check engine light flash code.

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Hi !
i haw th same problem. try to remove the black - cabel from the battery for 30 min then conect and the problem is ok
Sorry for my bad spelling.
/ Peter from Sweden

usually a sign your shift motor is going up

This happened to me a few months ago. I just unplugged the negative battery cable for 20 min and reattached. Everything has been fine since then.

I experienced a similar flashing light problem when my front and rear tires had difference amount of wear. I put four tires on and solved the problem.