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Flashing O/d Light


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July 18, 2007
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'96 Ranger 4wd
Hi Guys, Need some help, 96 ranger, 4r55e trans, I get a flashing O/D light with a P0741 code, scanner says "TCC clutch circuit or Stuck off". I cant find any info on this problem so may be somebody here can give me an idea of where to start, fluid has been changed recently, problem was there before. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks!!!

did you try a search?

I jsut read about the tcc lockup failure today AND it is talked about in Glaciers sticky regarding the V6 transmissions and common issues.

Try a search for your code
your transmission
your TCC issue

You will find it has been discussed in detail along with testing and how to fix the problem (I believe the TCC shift servo may need to be replaced if I remeber correctly, I have not dealt much with this trans)