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flashing o/d light


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September 2, 2004
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03 XLT
my 00 XLS has 186,000 miles on it, had the flashing o/d light about a year or so ago, then it went away.. came back the other day...

i know these transmissions are on borrowed time especially with the miles on it now.. should i drop the tranny pan? i also noticed some electrical connectors going to the tranny, i tried getting the one off on the drivers side of it, but it wouldn't come off, lots of gunk on it..

should i just bring it to a tranny shop? or should i try and drop the pan and maybe change the filter?

thanks guys

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I would suggest reading the rebuilt diary and getting familiar with that. With 186K miles on that transmission you are on a double edge sword. Transmission fluid is highly detergent. So while you definately do need a fluid change, when you change the fluid the new stuff is going to break loose all the gunk and crap in the tranny. This is more than likely going to cause failure shortly thereafter.

I am also learning about transmissions however I would say with some research, a bit of time on your part and a small amount of money you could probably breath some new life into your transmission.

Good luck!

Clean the bulkhead connector with contact cleaner spray. Get the codes read if the light still appears after cleaning the connections.

what side is the bulkhead connector on? the drivers side of the tranny?

i am going to be dropping it off at a transmission shop tomorrow morning that is right down the road from where i live.. he said he will pull the codes for free..

i told him about the whole 2nd gear band thing breaking or falling off, and he said once that falls off or breaks the tranny is no good...

Clean all of the electrical connectors going into the transmission. You have to remove the clutch packs to replace a broken band, so he is correct.

alright i'll try and do that tonight, but i'm dropping it off tomorrow morning at 8 so he can figure out whats going on with it, and pull the codes on it...

i mean even if it was the electrical connectors, seeing the tranny has almost 190,000 miles on it i think it needs to be replaced soon...

We need to all chip in to pay someone to build the indescructable transmission.

Something safe to put 1000HP to, something to take the torque of serious offroading without slipping or hurting it, something that the average driver would never have to worry about.

Ahhh...that'l be the day :p:

i think its something electrical that is messsed up.. because when the o/d light isnt flashing the tranny runs very very smooth, with no problems at all.. but when it does flash, it runs like crap...

on my way home tonight with a 15-20 min drive, the flashing o/d light did not come on... so i'll drive it around a few more days to see if the light comes on...