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Flashing OD light


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June 30, 2011
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2002 EB

I am new on this forum and have seen many many post related to the flashing OD light on this forum, but mine situation seems slightly different.

I have a 2002 Explorer EB and yesterday the OD light starting flashing for the first time. It still shifts through all the gears and you can even turn overdrive on and off and you will see the RPM's go up and down. With the OD light flashing the RPM's are slightly higher than normally in OD. Now it only comes on when it's warm (after let's say 15~20 miles) or if its already warm. Shutting of the vehicle will stop it untill it gets warm again.

Does anybody have any idea if this is the Torque converter or a solonoid or something else?

Thank you

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Get the trans code pulled. Not all scanners can read manufacture DTC transmission codes.

Get the trans code pulled. Not all scanners can read manufacture DTC transmission codes.

Thank you all for the quick response.

I had the trans code pulled and it's reading: P0741.


The first thing would be to replace the solenoid block, filter and fluid, hope fully this will fix the problem.

It is at the transmission shop now. They have checked the solonoid block and said it was ok.

I want to thank everybody for the replies. It required a complete rebuild of the transmission, everything was toast.

Mine has done the same thing exactly..has done it 4x even now(for next week or so)

Be careful I have had the same code @34,77,97,112k.... Yeah I'm not spending a dime on rebuilding mine any more... swapping for a reman...

I've read where more than a few have done this....if it happens again TRASH IT AND GET A REMAN...
I can't help but suspect mine has some internal flaw in the case itself causing me to lose tc lockup...