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Flashing OD off light 02 Explorer Need Help!


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November 26, 2013
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Charlotte NC
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2002 Explorer
Hi All! New here to the forum and need some help with my Expo. It's an 02 with the 5r55w trans, 4wd, and 200k miles on it. The OD light is flashing and the service engine light has come on as well. When taking off from a stop it will rev way high before shifting into the next gear. With the OD button pushed it will shift OK. I'm guessing it's in "safe mode" and will not go into OD. From what I've read, sounds like it could be a speed sensor, solenoid pack or the OD servo? The vehicle has never had the trans fluid changed since I've owned it and until now it's been running great with the exception of an occasional but not consistent hard shift into OD. Where and what should I start looking for first to fix it. I've worked on a lot of vehicles in my day but this electronic trans is all new to me! Thanks in advance for any help and advice you guys might offer!

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The first thing to do is to get the codes that are stored in the computer, this will give you a better idea where the problem will be. Sounds like you might have a problem with one of the bands or servos.

Dont waste your money on the fluid and filter change, that won't fix this.

Thanks for the reply JKO80! Where would be the best place to get the codes checked? Can Advance Auto or the like do it or do I have to pay the dealer? Money is definitely an issue!

I might be wrong but Autozone pulls code for free, just not transmission codes. I was able to pull my trans codes with an average pocket-scanner OBDII.

I finally found someone who could pull the codes, what came up was PO745 PO733 and P1565. I've been driving it with the OD off and it does fine. I decided to try driving it in regular OD on mode and now it's shifting fine all the way into OD with no problems! What the heck can be going on?