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FLEET Dealer Experience


August 17, 2011
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2015 Explorer
I have a company car and am able to choose from many vehicles and brands. I posted about my experience with my 2011 here: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=320445&page=26 and after some poor service I decided to get a Toyota, not because I wanted a Toyota, but the only avenue I had to penalize Ford for poor service with the power steering issue pre-recall. So after 2 years, I'm up for a new car and thought I would go back to the Explorer. My pick up location was Baxter Ford in Omaha.

The fleet contact thought my car was Grey, not "dark side" and the vehicle was out in the lot "someplace" and we used the remote to track it down (first time with any fleet pick up that the vehicle wasn't brought up and ready. Rather than a detail of the vehicle features it was just "any questions?" Thinking that since I had had the '11 that there probably wasn't much difference I didn't have any. Turned the vehicle on and saw something about the speed limit being limited to 80 but it flashed quick and didn't notice and thought maybe this was our fleet being big-brother.

When I got home, I noticed the license sticker was dated October which I thought was odd considering I was picking it up in early December. I know holidays can delay deliveries, but it also had over 20 miles on the odometer, and was unusually dirty around the windshield wiper tray, which makes me think it was sitting on the lot for a while before they got to it.

Packing for a trip and putting my supplies in, I find there is a big dollap of white grease in the middle of the back seat. I was not happy, but since its a company car figured it was going to get dirty eventually, but kind of bummed about day 1. Took some cleaner to it and the stain is not overly noticeable.

I had an overnight trip planned, so was packed up, ready to go, iPhone hooked up and turn the radio on and then? Radio limited in how loud it would go (not loud enough to be listenable over highway noise), and this is when I see "MY KEY" setting. Try to decipher the "MY KEY" in the manual, (how would I know which is the Master Key or what was set up?) , then call dealer service. They say I need to bring it in to fix, can't be done by me, and that the next appointment is a week from Thursday. JUST GOT IT AND I HAVE TO WAIT 8 DAYS TO USE THE RADIO??!

So I ask for the fleet manager. Fleet manager actually knows how to clear the keys and says that it must have been one of his detail "jackasses." Unprofessional.

Does the dealer think we don't buy personal vehicles too? I like the Explorer, drives nice, etc. but there would really have to be some wild reason for me to get one, or a Ford again.

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based on what you wrote I would say your dealer experince is similiar to mine

That's interesting. The dealer we use for our fleet vehicles bends over backward to take care of us. And is also interested in selling us personal vehicles. I guess it's just the mindset of different dealers.

Clearly a "dealer issue", not a Ford issue. Yes, the dealer is a Ford representative, but we all know that there are good and bad dealerships out there representing all manufacturers. Your experience should in no way impact other people's impression of Ford itself...just the dealership.

If it makes you feel any better, I have a fleet department at a SONIC Autmotive dealership not only run my credit, but also took a cash deposit as well, and 3 months later never ordered my Utility, nor could tell me why. I had to go with a constable friend of mine to get the check back (or serve them), and the GM was no where to be found, nor has ever answered any email or phone call. SONIC business offices in North Carolina never bothered to get back to me either.