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March 16, 2008
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'91 XL
I have f150 spacers in the front and shackels in the rear and a 3 inch body lift, yet the aggresive look is a little deceiving because of the limited flex that i have. the clearence is good, and i can get through the mud and snow well, but i want to know the best and cheapest way to get a little more flex with whatever it may be. thanks

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..:scratch:...New coils that will settle 1 1/2" in over a year and aftermarket radius arms...That's the cheapest I can think of ...:dunno:

Don't forget a SOA in the rear. THe body lift my look cool but you don't gain much of anything for flex, or performance (ability to run a taller tire size maybe). To get great flex and performance (IE GEARs) you are looking at a couple thousand or more. And that is if you do the work yourself. You can do it a step at a time though, then it doesn't hurt as much.

would aftermarket shocks make any significant diff?

nope, not unless your current shocks are too short, with spacers you did not increase the travel you get you only changed your ride height.

sway bar disconnect
extended radius arms

those are the next two limiting factors in your current setup
after that its coils, then steering

...Great point, I forgot all about having sway bars..:rolleyes:

...The disconnects are probably the best and cheapest item you can do for the flex of your vehicle from the begining...If you search on here there is a great thread of how to make them for like $10 bucks...They are also called disco's...;)

...EDIT:...I thought I would throw this in here, the 2" lift debate...;)

...Again, quick disco's on the sway bar...

...The rear's of these vehicles flex very well...You will find some good rear flex pics of my vehicles in my signature...