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Flip Down TV in 2001 with a sunroof?


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July 9, 2006
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Is there a flipdown tv that can be installed in a 2001 Four Door with a sunroof? I am installing a Kenwood DNX5120 and would like to run a flipdown to the rear. Any thoughts would be great. I did some searching but could not find anything.

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just about any of them. i put a directed electronics 7" flip down in my '97 explorer that had a sunroof

just about any of them. i put a directed electronics 7" flip down in my '97 explorer that had a sunroof

Any tips on how to do it? It looks like the sunshade slides back into the headliner right where the mounting of the tv would go. How did you mount yours? Thanks.

I'd like to know how too since I've got a 5 year old that rides back there and would love to have a DVD to keep her entertained on trips

Unfortunately, I can't do that, my Mountie front seats have no headrest

You would need to cutout a hole in the roof and install maybe a 1/2 inch piece of mdf to use to mount.

I had an idiot install mine when I had my 97 and the screws went up through the room into where the sunroof visor went, unfortunately one of the screws caught it.. Ripped the visor fabric right in half..

A shop should do it for your for around 100 if you do not feel comfortable.

i just used short screws. making sure the sunroof is closed when first mounting the overhead and using my drill with self tapping screw to start a hole. then i replace the screws with shorter ones and put them in by hand. you can kinda spread the headliner from the sunroof cover when it's open then when putting in the shorter screws and make sure that they won't catch on the sunroof cover. didn't use any mdf or anything else. been installing them for years. however if you go to best buy, it's $200 to install an overhead

Thanks for the info. I also have the bucket seats so that is why mounting in the headrest is not an option or else I would have done it. Any pics of the monitors installed? Did you get your power from the dome light?

no, no pics. i traded the explorer in last summer. i ran my own power up to the overhead as i also had 2 pair of rca's to/from it to work in tandem with my in dash mobile video

Would rivets work for something like this? haven't looked at any of the stuff that comes with a ceiling mounted DVD screen so not a clue on it