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floor it!!!ahh noo

91'explorer 2wd

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March 5, 2001
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McAllen, TX
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'92 XLT 4x4
ok so why does my truck bog when i just floor it out of nowhere. it's like it takes a breathe then goes. if i'm at a stop light and just gun it. it gets quit then just takes off. sounds like it hesitates. why would it do this or is this normal:mad: . if so that sux thanks dudes

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bogging down on a 92 Explorer.

How long has it been since it had a complete tune up?

Bogging down is usually too much fuel or fuel starvation.

Does the trucks CEL come on?

More details.....recent maintenece history?

yeah my 93 4x4 does the same,but when i hit 55mph.from a stop it will take off ok,but at 55 and up ill floor it and nothing happens.its like i have to really put it to the metal to feel any sort of life from the engine.someone told me this was due to the overdrive.is that true?

Joe, sounds like your kickdown cable is loose. Need to tighten it. Should feel the Tranny kick down if you floor it at 55MPH, whether your in OD or not.

exhaust/manifold leak??? my old chevy did this when I cracked a manifold.

where can i find the kick-down cable?im new to this too.by the way thanks for the heads up.

by complete tune up do u mean oil change, spark plugs, tranny fluid and filter and radiator flush. cuz if that's what u mean i've had 2 oil changes in the past 6 months and one tranny and one sparks plug change. and flushed it once already.

OK here you go. Sounds like a fuel problem. Fuel Filter, or FPR is where I would check. Do you get the CEL. I am very familliar with P0171 & 174 these days.
By the way K&N worthless.?.? When was the last time you bought an air filter? I find significant worth in that. Have you chopped your air box? Be realistic, don't expect an increase of 25 hp and 10 mpg. But worthless I don't think so.

One other thing you might want to check is your MAS. Try cleaning it. Sounds like your running lean. Or at least that is what your computer thinks. The K&N tends to deposit oil if it's overly saturated. Just another two cents.