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Floorboard clunk after lift...


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February 20, 2003
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Hillsboro, OR
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Hillsboro, Oregon
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96 5.0 XLT
Hi All,

I have a floorboard clunk after the lift. I know exactly where it is, but wondering if this is normal. Its the Rear Driveshaft U Joint (right off the transfercase) hitting the floorboard under hard acelleration. I have replaced the Trans mount thinking it was worn out after 154K miles (and couldn't hurt) but it still does it. Anyone have this issue after installing a lift? Is it from the axle twisting under accel shoving the tranning up into the floorboard? Or is it from maybe a busted motor mount allowing the motor to twist resulting in the same?

It's a 93 explorer with 5.5 superlift, so it went with the superlift rear axle SOA kit.

Any Ideas?

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Were your spring perches welded to the axle after the SOA was completed?

No not yet. It's on the list, but I haven't found a local shop to do this and my welding skills are not up to par.

This is a 3rd possiblity for cause I hadn't thought about. Thanks.

My bet is on the rear axle wrapping up during acceleration. If I were you I would check your pinion angle and head over to your local muffler shop. They should be able to weld the perches on for you.

driveshaft angle is prob. too steep