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flowmaster 40


September 28, 2009
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97 sport
i have a 97 sport 4.0 ohv and im going to order a flowmaster 40 muffler, what are the inlet and outlet measurements for the stock muffler?

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i really need some help asap do i need 2" or 2.5"? or does it matter

sometimes it takes awhile to get a answer;). sometimes it is better to just crawl under the vehicle and measure the piping on there. you will have to eyeball it to get close (since your not cutting to get exact diameter).

my stock piping was 2-1/4", my buddies stock piping was 2.5". see why you have to measure? this is where couplers come into play if needed.

best thing to do though, get your back dirty and get some measurements (im thinking probably 2-1/4" OD piping).

if you do have 2-1/4" OD piping then get a 2-1/4" ID muffler

if you have 2.5" OD piping, you will need 2.5" ID muffler

yeah sorry i was gettin a little impatient my cars at the shop so i cant check it myself. i needed to know so i could order it asap cuz i have a friend thats about to put one on and if i can get mine at the same time he will weld it and put it on for free. but thanks for the help i was afraid it would be something id have to check

i really need some help asap do i need 2" or 2.5"? or does it matter

Best will be to measure then order accordingly and yes it does matter, the inches cause a lot of difference.