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Flowmaster 70 series mufflers


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July 5, 2000
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Has anyone tried one of the 70 series flowmasters on thier explorer? I've got a 97 5.0 V8 4 door and I'm getting ready to toss the stock muffler and put in a flowmaster. They have 50 and 70 series that will work. I know what the 50 series will sound like, but what about the 70 series? Has anyone tried these out? What do they sound like. Thanks.

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I think that the lower you go in number, the louder the exhaust note is. However, I've heard of something called the Delta-Flow Flowmaster Exhaust, which reduces sound and somehow(according to the add) harness that sound to make more power, which I am somewhat suspicious about. To answer your question, the 70 series will not have as deep, throaty sound as the 50 series, I believe. If I were you, I would go with a 50 series(or even a 40 if they have one that works), but that is because I love the sound of exhaust. I have a 40 series and am very pleased with the nice throaty, deep sound that I am now getting from my V-6. Some people have actually asked me while riding in my truck if I have a V-8. So basically, decide how much sound you want out of your muffler and that will be your guide. The loudest one I know of is the 40 series(which I have, even though it's really not that loud). The so-called "SUV model"(ie the 70 series) is the least loud to my knowledge. Hope this helps...

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I have a 70 series on my '98 V8.... It will sound a little louder than stock with a pleasent highway tone.

70 or 50 series?

I have the 96 XLT with the 5.0 AWD. I want to put something different on mine, but dont want to have anything anoying but a nice sound outside.

You like the 70 series, or wish you had something louder like the 50?


Power Increase

Anyone know what kinda' power increase you get out of these things. Better gas milage? Anything?

I just had the Flowmaster SUV 50 put on my 98 V8 last week, and it sounds great. Not too loud, but enough to let people know what you have under the hood. Some minor interior noise in the 2-3000 RPM range. I spoke to a tech at Flowmaster (800-544-4761), and he recommended the SUV 50. When I asked him about the delta-flow, he steered me away form it.